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Order by County/Counties

Using the panel in the middle select the state for your order. A list of available counties for that state will then be displayed. Select one or more items from the Available Counties. The shift and ctrl keys are used for multiple selections. Once chosen, use the  >>  button to move those counties to the Selected Counties list. You may remove these items by using the  <<  button. Once you are satisfied with your selected counties list use the  Submit Selected Counties  button to move them to the  YOUR ORDER  panel on the far right.


If you wish to change the method for selecting the order area, click HERE.

Order by State

Select entire state for order:

Order by County/Counties

Select State for order:

Order by Place
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Select State for place:
Order by Bounding Rectangle
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Order by Interactive Map
Order Area (Where):None

Order Map Layers (What):

    Order Format (How):None
    Order Projection (How):None
    Order Inclusion (How):None
    Order Delivery Method (How):None
    Order Recipient (Who):

    Choose another WHERE option:

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    Based on your current order size of  megabytes the estimated download times are presented

    Type of ConnectionApproximate Time
    28.8 Modem
    33.6 Modem
    56.6 Modem
    64 ISDN (single channel)
    128 ISDN (dual channel)
    512 ADSL/Cable Modem
    768 DSL/Cable Modem
    1.024 DSL/Cable Modem
    1.5 T1/DSL
    45 T3