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To inquire about special orders for NAIP or CLU map layers please contact:

Customer Service Section
USDA Farm Service Agency
Aerial Photography Field Office
2222 West 2300 South
Salt Lake City UT 84119-2020
Telephone: 801-844-2922 or Fax: 855-415-2014

To enquire about special orders for products other than NAIP or CLU please contact:

J. Steven Nechero, Geospatial Data Leader
Natural Resources Conservation Service
National Geospatial Center of Excellence
501 W. Felix Street Bldg. 23
Fort Worth, TX 76115
Telephone: 817-509-3366
Rosemary Rivera
Telephone: 1-800-672-5559 or Fax: 817-509-3469

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