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Status maps indicate the location of data available for each map layer in the Geospatial Data Gateway. Because new data is added regularly, the status maps will continually be updated. Before you order, please review what map layers are available for a location in which you have interest.

Map layers in a  grey background color are restricted to the USDA and require a user to Login to order. Map layers with another agency logo in the source column are public domain. Non-USDA customers may obtain the public domain products by clicking on the Source logo. HiRes Proprietary map layers are further restricted to licensed USDA users.

Information about the USDA Service center Agency Data Distribution Policy is found Here.

The Format column refers to the file format for each map layer as it is delivered. Projection indicates the possible output projection(s) available.

189grn.gif JPEG Image of status map available, click on image to open in a new window. 189red.gif Status Map not available.

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